Thursday, March 7, 2013

You Tube Addiction (and my quest to be a beauty guru)

So, maybe you have (but you probably haven't) been wondering why I haven't been posting. Well, it's actually quite a simple, yet embarrassing explanation.
YouTube has replaced Facebook for me. I check it a couple times a day to see if anyone I am subscribed to has posted a new video. (And secretly do a happy dance when they have.) I guess I feel a bit of redemption because most of  the channels I subscribe to are either beauty guru channels or their daily vlog channels and then some other home organization channels. See, nothing too crazy.
Actually, watching these channels give me a bit of hope. I keep thinking if I watch enough and get enough practice, I too can become a YouTube Beauty Guru. Not sure if this is practical or not. I haven't seen too many who are single moms who work a full time out-of-the-home job. But if anyone reading this knows of one, point me in her direction. Another issue is that my day to day routine is just that, routine. Wake up, get me and kid ready, go to work, come home, dinner and bed. Not too exciting.
When I go out with my friends, we are HYSTERICAL! Always laughing and having a good time.
I was thinking of possibly doing a channel in which I do something and solicit advice. I know I am far from perfect and definitely appreciate advice.
Do any of you have a YouTube channel? I would love to subscribe and see what you have! What do you think of a YouTube channel about soliciting advice? Am I just asking for trouble?

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