Monday, June 30, 2014

Working Away vs. Working At Home

I think I struggle from the same issues many mothers do: working away from home to provide for the family versus working at home to spend more time with the family.

My situation is a complicated by the fact that I am currently a single mother who carries the health insurance for not only myself, but my son as well, through my employer.

I constantly go back and forth between the idea/possibility of working from home as a 'momtreprenuer' and remaining a 'working' mom. (that's in quotations because we all know that no matter where your income comes from, you're a working mother. Even if you have a sugar daddy, you're working something ;) )

There are two big reasons for me to remain in employment outside of my home: a steady paycheck & secure health insurance. Plus there is the adult interaction I get daily and I am forced to get up, get dress and get out of my house.

But then, there are also the drawbacks: The wear and tear on my car, plus gas, as I currently drive almost 15 miles each way, the time spent away from home is almost 11 hours a day and that's also 11 hours away from my son, not liking the people I work for/with, not being able to control how much I am paid. Plus, after sitting at a desk all day, I am mentally exhausted, but still have so much to do around the house.

If I were to start working from home, either doing some sort of Internet based employment or a direct sales sort of business, like Origami Owl, there would be some benefits to that: I would be able to pick my own hours and can structure my own day and there is no travel time for work. I can essentially make as much as I'm willing to work for, the more effort I put in, the greater the paycheck. It's not like that at my current job. Plus I will be able to spend more time with my son, which is most important. The biggest issues for me would be that I wouldn't have steady, consistent income and I would have to outsource health insurance. And as we all know, getting health insurance is not fun.

Has anyone else come across the struggle? What did you end up doing? I'm starting to feel like if I continue on the same path, my life will be lifeless and I don't want that.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Social 6/29/2014

I haven't done a Sunday Social in quite a while, but I figured, what the heck...

1. What was your college major? Did you ever change majors? I started off as an accounting major, but for a bit thought I wanted to try physical therapy. So I took a couple classes that were geared toward that. Unfortunately, even though I was enthusiastic about the topics, they didn't come easily to me. So I decided to continue on with business classes.

2. What is the best purchase you’ve made lately? Probably my Ninja blender. I love that thing!

3. What is something silly we don’t know about you and go… I have all white hangers in my closet & will actually throw away non-white, plastic hangars.

4. What is your favorite Holiday? Easter. It's at the best time if year & it's a pretty laid back holiday in my family. More often than not, Easter includes a trip to the beach. This past Easter, we went to our favorite beach resort and ate brunch.
This is the view from my seat Easter breakfast. 
5. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Go to the bathroom. (I know, TMI. But I'm being honest.)

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and hopefully you have a short week ahead!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Project Pan

I have a ton of 'stuff' in my bathroom. No joke, I am currently rotating through 6 different shampoos and 5 conditioners and three different body washes in my shower. I have more make up than I will ever use, I have about three different facial moisterizers (and that's just for daytime!) Again, lots of stuff!
I ran across some videos on YouTube titled 'Project Pan.' The objective of the project is to not purchase any more of an item, mostly cosmetics, until you 'reach pan' or use up a certain number of items you currently own.
Well, I don't do YouTube videos, but I thought that this would be a great idea. It would get me to use up my stuff that I currently have and give me a reason to use up some of the stuff I haven't been using.
So, after I do a little shopping spree at Bath and Body Works this weekend (which is okay, I haven't bought any bath products there in ages) and go through and toss the stuff I have no intention on using or has gone bad, I'll make one last trip to Target to stock up and that's it. I will not be purchasing any items until I use up, let's say 25 items that I currently own.
As I sit here writing this, I am realizing what a daunting task this will be. I am a consumer at heart and live in a disposable world. I have the mentality that if I don't like something, I'll put it aside and get something I like more. I'm actually hoping to learn a few things
  1. I'm hoping to save money.
  2. I'll learn which products I actually like and don't like because I will have used them extensively
  3. I'll learn to not be such a hoarder & get rid of stuff that I don't like/doesn't work for me
Hopefully I can learn to use what I have and not be such a frivolous spender. (Biting nails as we speak!)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014

Happy Summer!
While tomorrow, June 21st, marks the actual first day of summer, it's been summer here in the great state of Florida for a couple months now.
I ran across a Summer Bucket list on internet a couple months ago and thought, Hey, that would be a great idea. I'm always trying to do different activities with my son and this would be a great way for me to actually have ideas at hand. So, after doing extensive research (looking though Google images) I came up with a list:

Make s’mores
Go to a drive-in movie
Go on a scavenger hunt
Go to the Zoo
Make popsicles
Blow bubbles
Go on a treasure hunt
Nature walk
Go to the library
Play putt-putt golf
Visit a museum
Finger paint
Make cupcakes
Go to the beach
Go to a movie
Shop at a flea market
Watch fireworks
Go on a picnic
Go on a boat ride
Tie-dye a shirt
Make root beer floats
Leaf rubbings
Pajama party
Visit an aquarium
Drink slurpees
Learn to write ABC’s
Go to Adventure Island
Plant flowers
Ride a train
Watch a sunset
Blow bubbles
Play in the sprinklers
Make an ice cream sundae
I had so much fun making this list, I cannot wait to do all of these activities with my little one (hopefully more than just once!)
Happy Friday everyone!