Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Bucket List 2014

Happy Summer!
While tomorrow, June 21st, marks the actual first day of summer, it's been summer here in the great state of Florida for a couple months now.
I ran across a Summer Bucket list on internet a couple months ago and thought, Hey, that would be a great idea. I'm always trying to do different activities with my son and this would be a great way for me to actually have ideas at hand. So, after doing extensive research (looking though Google images) I came up with a list:

Make s’mores
Go to a drive-in movie
Go on a scavenger hunt
Go to the Zoo
Make popsicles
Blow bubbles
Go on a treasure hunt
Nature walk
Go to the library
Play putt-putt golf
Visit a museum
Finger paint
Make cupcakes
Go to the beach
Go to a movie
Shop at a flea market
Watch fireworks
Go on a picnic
Go on a boat ride
Tie-dye a shirt
Make root beer floats
Leaf rubbings
Pajama party
Visit an aquarium
Drink slurpees
Learn to write ABC’s
Go to Adventure Island
Plant flowers
Ride a train
Watch a sunset
Blow bubbles
Play in the sprinklers
Make an ice cream sundae
I had so much fun making this list, I cannot wait to do all of these activities with my little one (hopefully more than just once!)
Happy Friday everyone!

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