Sunday, March 1, 2015

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge - How Did You Do & Feel?

I have really enjoyed doing this challenge so far. It has made me look at my life and how good I have things. Sometimes we look at our situation and think it's bleak and that nothing is good. I'm glad I decided to do take a second look at the good things in my life, really put some thought into it and share it with all of you!

This week my challenge it to think about how I did and how I felt. I'm going to assume that it is referring to last weeks challenge of expressing gratitude to three people. Last week I expressed gratitude to my son's three teachers.

Like I said last week, I expressed my gratitude for each of them by writing a hand written card, telling each of them why I appreciate what they have done for my son. I explained how important each of them are to him and how I feel each of them have impacted my son. My son has had a dramatic change in his vocabulary and comprehension since starting at his new school in October. I attribute that to his teacher's dedication to the students. I explained this in each of the letters. Also each of them have strengths that I appreciate. One of them is very nurturing, which is helpful in the morning when my son is having a tough time saying good bye to me. His primary teacher is a no-nonsense kid of teacher, which is good for him, and I appreciate that. 

Communicating all of this to each of them made me feel good. It is true that complimenting people makes you feel better about yourself. I've worked in childcare myself and there is nothing better than a parent who tells you 'Thank you for taking care of my kid.' I wanted to express that to the ladies who take care of mine and it felt great doing it. 

How do you feel when expressing gratitude to someone?

Have a great Sunday!

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