Monday, July 15, 2013

5 for Five

I cannot believe it's Monday already. I feel like the weekend flew by and I got nothing done. I actually did get a lot done, but still.

I am linking up again with Jessica at Fantastically Average.

Last weeks goals -

1. Three Blog Posts - Major fail here, as the last post I did was last Monday. I did however update a page on my blog... does that count?

2. Finish reading 'The Time Traveler's Wife' - again, a fail. I read some more of it, but this book is so difficult for me to get into.

3. Make a bedtime chart for my son - Nope, didn't happen

4. Wake up on time each morning - this was a fail too :( (I'm noticing a trend here.)

5. Clean out my Yahoo Inbox - while I didn't completely clean out my inbox, I was able to delete over 500 messages. So it is a partial win, I am cleaning it out.

Hopefully my goals for this week will be a bit more successful...

1. Three Blog Posts - yes, I am going to try this again.

2. Start a different book - I'm going to put the 'Time Traveler's Wife' aside for a bit and read something else. I recently purchased a bunch of books at the flea market and hopefully I can get into some of them.

3. Contine cleaning out my Yahoo Inbox - I have made some progress, so why not continue making more.

4. 101 of my Favorite Songs - This is on my 101 in 1001 list, I started it this weekend and I want to finish it this week. It's not as difficult as one might think.

5. Wake up on time each morning - Ha! I love a real challenge.

I have a couple of easier goals in there, guaranteeing myself some success. It's like taking the easy classes in school, knowing you'll pass and get your GPA up.
I hope everyone has an amazing week, mine has started off really well!

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  1. Oh yes, the problem is not only waking up on time, which happens for me usually. The real issue is GETTING up, because cuddles are way better than brushing teeth in the morning. This is one of the reasons I have to run to catch the bus most mornings ;-)