Sunday, December 29, 2013

Last Sunday Social of 2013!

Happy last Sunday of 2013!
I cannot believe that in just a few days we will be saying adios to 2013 and hola to 2014. This year has flown by and I feel like I've hardly had time to think.
I am linking up with Ashley and Neely for another Sunday Social.
1. What is the best New Years Eve you’ve ever had? Honestly, I haven't had too many great New Year's Eve's. None actually. They usually consist of me being in bed way before midnight, or fighting with my boyfriend or my boyfriend leaving me a party of complete strangers. Nothing to write home about. I would love to have a NYE in which I get all sorts of fancy dressed up and go out to a dinner and fancy party.

2. Are you doing anything for NYE this year and if so what? I haven't made any plans yet. I probably won't as I have to work that day until 5 and my son will be with me.

3. Name a book we should all read come January? The bible (if you're a Christian) I think everyone who believes in Jesus Christ should read the entire bible once in their life. I have the Busy Mom's Bible and I think it's really great. In addition to the actual text of the Bible, it has cards that are, like, one minute pick-me-ups.

4. What are your new years resolutions? Oh, there are so many. I mentioned in a post the other day that I would like to focus more on organizing my life, so that is a resolution. Also, I would like become healthier. I'm making it broad because it is. I want to be more active, eat better, take my vitamins, work on my emotional and mental health. All of it. And lastly, I want to focus more on my blogs and really invest time into them.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday, a great New Year's Eve and, until we meet again, an amazing 2014.

Please visit my new blog Imperfectly Healthy where I will be chronicling my journey for better health!


  1. Sometimes broad resolutions are better as its less restrictive and is less likely to get you discouraged. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!


  2. You NYE's sound a lot like how mine usually end up! But hopefully we will be surprised one year and have one that is AMAZING!

  3. I hope you have a great start to the new year!