Thursday, January 2, 2014

My New Year's Resolutions

HAPPY 2014!!!
I hope everyone's 2014 is going amazing so far.
Since my son was born, in 2010, I've had a really difficult time finding balance to my life. It's a very difficult task balancing being a mother, employee, daughter, friend, woman and significant other. I have so much respect to those who can do it. I have not been able to. And I'm finding that not only am I not able to balance my life out, but that I'm not excelling in any area either. So I sat down the other day, thinking about my resolutions and what I wanted to accomplish in 2014. And I decided that I wanted to work on balancing out my life the best I can. So I have made some goals for myself for 2014.
1. My goal is to eat a healthier diet, primarily cutting out high fructose corn syrup and fried foods from my and my son's diet. I actually want to eat a more 'clean' diet and have been doing some research and I am trying to plan child-friendly meals that sync with clean eating. I am also trying to drink more water. I won't give up the coffee though. Sorry, not happening.
2. My goal is to be more active. For now that will be primarily walking while my son rides his new bike. Eventually, I would like to get a bike and ride with him and join a gym. The only reason I'm not planning on joining a gym right away is two-fold: we all know gyms are very crowded during the month of January and February and because I currently feel very self-conscious about being in a gym. I am comfortable with using the equipment, but with the way my body looks now, I don't feel very comfortable.
3. My goal is to be better organized. I used to be EXTREMELY organized, almost to the point that I felt a bit OCPD (which is different than OCD). Honestly, I like being that way. I do like having that control over my life. When things get messy and disorganized, I just sit there and feel helpless and like I just can't function.
4. My goal is to be a better gift-giver. Before my son was born, everyone I was close to would get a birthday card, mother's day card, father's day card.... You get the picture. My close friends and family member's got a thought out gift for their birthday's and holidays. I sent out Christmas cards. I want to do that again. I've already started this goal by keeping a gift-giving list in a notebook. I plan to keep an ongoing list of gifts for my immediate family and as an event comes around, like a birthday, I will look to my list and pick an item or two for that person.
5. My goal is to be a better friend. Not that I'm a bad friend, I just think I can be better.
6. My goal is to treat myself better. I have this mentality that my son is my responsibility and that having anyone watch him when I'm not working is pawning him off. And his father works 12 hours days, for a few weeks at a time and often out of town. So the majority of the hands on parenting is left to me. I need to learn that it's okay for him to go to his grandparents or to one of my friends how while I get a haircut or my nails done or whatever I want to do for a couple hours a week. I also want to spend more time reading books and I would like to learn how to knit.
7. My goal is to be a better, more consistant blogger. I think blogging can be a good way to help someone be accountable for thier goals. That's one of the reasons I set up my other blog, Imperfectly Healthy, to help my chronicle and be held accountable for my health and fitness goals. I also enjoy having a creative outlet that I can get feed back on.
I plan to write a post about each of the non-health/fitness resolutions on my list. This will give more detail about my plan of attack for each one.
What are some of your New Year's resolutions? Leave some in the comments below.

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