Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Bucket List update

Summer is now in full swing. Actually, I think it's halfway over and I'm frowning as I look at my Summer Bucket List. We haven't done too much except visit a children's museum last weekend. 

I'm going to print my list out and hang it on the fridge, hopefully that will inspire me to add more activity to our days! It's been kind of tough, I work full time, we've had swimming lessons every night and he spends every other weekend with his dad. And we all know you can't cram too much fun into a day with a three year old, often it will backfire on you. But I'm going to keep trying.

Make s’mores
Go to a drive-in movie
Go on a scavenger hunt
Go to the Zoo
Make popsicles
Blow bubbles
Go on a treasure hunt
Nature walk
Go to the library
Play putt-putt golf
Visit a museum
Finger paint
Make cupcakes
Go to the beach
Go to a movie
Shop at a flea market
Watch fireworks
Go on a picnic
Go on a boat ride
Tie-dye a shirt
Make root beer floats

Leaf rubbings
Pajama party
Visit an aquarium

Drink slurpees
Learn to write ABC’s

Go to Adventure Island

Plant flowers

Ride a train

Watch a sunset

Blow bubbles

Play in the sprinklers

Make an ice cream sundae

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