Sunday, February 1, 2015

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge - Something Someone Gave You

Happy Sunday and Happy February!

I cannot believe it's already February! It seems like 2015 is going so quickly, I feel like I've hardly had time to stop and take a breath. Which makes this post that much better, as it's giving me the time to stop and think. I really get a lot of of stopping and thinking about what I'm grateful for in my life. 

This  weeks challenge is something someone gave me. This really made me think, as I normally don't get too many gifts from people. I'm more the kind of person, that if I want something, I go buy it. Also, my son is still young, and does not like arts and crafts, so he hasn't made me too much. I'm sure once he starts actually making gifts for me, I will cherish those!

So, on to the 'something someone gave me.' Last year for my birthday, my two closest friends went in together and bought me a Pandora bracelet with two very special charms.

One is a best friend charm, the other a baseball. They actually gave me the gift on Opening Day last year right before we went into the TB Rays home opener, which was the day after my birthday. We kind of had a theme for that day 'Best Friends and Baseball.'

The reason this gift meant so much to me was the thought that went into it. It meant so much me that they would do something so special for me!

What special gift have you received from someone? Please let me know below.

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