Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Okay Thursday

Even though it's been a short week for me (I took the day off on Monday), it seems like it's been an eternity since last Thursday. We had a crazy busy weekend - TWO birthday parties!
So, here I am again, linking up with Amber & Neely for another round
Its Ok Thursdays
IT'S OKAY... find Presidential debates interesting. believe there should be a time when older, retired citizens should not be on the road (primarily rush-hour) already be excited about Christmas after seeing my baby rip open his birthday presents be glad said son did not get a lot of presents for his birthday (who do you think is picking up after my 2 year old) wish I lived in a cooler climate during the fall, not the winter, just fall. I'm so jealous of all those people out there who actually get to enjoy crisp air! be a bit disappointed in myself that this is all I have to offer today. I'm taking notes next week :)


  1. I wish I lived in a cooler climate too! Florida is way too stinkin hot! Where are you?

  2. We live in Pinellas County. It's not as hot as south Florida, but still, hot enough!

  3. You and I sound the same! I wish I lived in a cooler climate as well!! I am excited for Christmas too! I am hoping for my Kindle Fire HD!!!!

    Thanks for linking up with my Florida blogger! It's great to meet you!!

  4. I LOVE the debates!!!

    And I agree about the elderly people/driving bit. I've always wondered why they don't make it mandatory for people over 70 to re-take a driving test.

  5. My husband and I actually like watching the debates, too! I'm pretty excited to see the VP debates now!

    We moved to Tennessee from Florida 2 years ago, so I know how you feel about missing the seasons. Tennessee has them all, but I definitely miss feeling warm in the winter in Florida. When it gets down below freezing, I just don't even leave my house. :o)