Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday - Justin Edition

This week I'm linking up to this kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday. Except this week, I'm mom-ifying it (is that a word?) and posting what my son loves. Because as moms we all know, if our kid loves it, then we better love it too. Or it's gonna be a loooong ride!
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Thomas the Train - he loves, loves loves choo choos! He has the shoes lunch box, shirt, movies, toys, you name it. Funny thing is, we weren't watching it at home & they don't watch t.v. at his school, so who knows where he saw Thomas & decided he liked him!
Applesauce - my baby looooves him some applesauce. I think one of the BEST inventions of the 21st century are those squeezable fruit things. Great for a kid on the go!
Crayons - this is a new thing for him. He doesn't actually color too much, he is more interested in taking the crayons out of the container we store them in, making a pile and then putting them back in the container.
Swing - Justin can swing for HOURS! And I mean hours! We went to the park last weekend and he went on the big kid swings for the first time ever! He loved it and wouldn't get off. Me, 5 seconds and my stomach is doing flips. Weird.
Cars & Trucks - I totally think he gets this interest from his Daddy! Even as a baby, when he would see a car commercial, he would stop what he was doing and stare at the t.v. and then go back to what he was doing when it was over. Justin loves to look at trucks with his daddy on the computer. Chris is into lifted trucks and when Justin sees them, he does this grunting thing. (It reminds me of Tim the Toolman Taylor...)
Fruit Snacks - his go to snack. These we buy in bulk from Sam's Club because it would be a bad day in our house if we ever run out!
So these are a few of the things my little boy is loving. It's somewhat significant that I'm posting it now, as he will be 2 (OMG, I have a two year old already!!!!!) next week.

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