Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm linking up to This Kind of Love again for a What I'm Loving Wednesday.

**I am loving** that Friday is my son's 2nd birthday and I have soooo much planned for him!

**I am loving** that the past few days have been a hint of fall here in FL... (Although here in the St. Pete/Tampa area, we will NEVER see anything like the picture below)

**I am loving** my daily breakfast of Greek yogurt, honey and granola. I'm not sure how healthy it is, but it feels healthy & that's what really counts!

**I am loving** my iPhone 4. I did want the iPhone 5, but for now (and budget reasons) I have realized that I love the phone I have and don't know how I functioned before it!

**I am loving** how supportive my family and friends have been. I had a really round week last week and all of them have been there for encouragement! <3 them!

**I am loving** that this week and next I have a 4 day work week!! WOOOOO!!!!

**What I am NOT  loving** are the horrible replacement refs! There is only one NFL team I like (not disclosing at this time) and I don't believe they have been victims yet. BUT after Monday night's game, a fan has to think.... 'How long until my team is affect by these under-qualified field space-taker-uppers?' I was watching Sportscenter & they quoted all these stats comparing this season and last with regard to how the refs impact the game.  I don't understand the politics completely of the Ref Lock Out, but I can sense the fans are getting really irritated with the NFL owners. I mean, I've heard talks about boycotts! Please, Please, Pretty Please bring back the men who know what the heck is going on on the field!!!!


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  1. i love your phone one! nothing like appreciating what you already have!

    Following along! Happy Wednesday! Stop by and say hello!