Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I love when I find something that just puts a smile on my face. Usually they are things that save me money and time, but sometimes, they are just things that put a smile on my face...

I am loving my new Keuring machine. I got it a few weeks ago and absolutely think it is amazing. The best part is (sorry Starbucks) it's saving me time in the morning and mucho moola!


I'm not really sure what the specific use for this is, but I. LOVE. IT!!! I love the fact that I can use it alone or use it under other make-up. It's not for everyone though. The Clinique representative I spoke with explained that all BB creams are different and this one is a bit thicker than others.

Heaven in a bottle! That's all I have to say & I know you understand.

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